Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the most valuble experiences of a young person's life. With the support of a local Rotary club, youth are given the opportunity to spend a year studying abroad.  Youth gain valuable exposure to another culture and it's people.

Neenah Rotary has hosted numerous inbound exchange students from all over the world. The Club also sponsors students who live in the Neenah Joint School District for outbound exchange. During the 2009/2010 school year, Neenah Rotary sponsored four local students for outbound exchanges.  These students went to Thailand, Croatia, Argentina and France.

The Neenah Rotary Youth Exchange Committee coordinates foreign exchange student activities for inbound and outbound students. If you are interested in participating in the Neenah Rotary Youth Exchange program, and live in the Neenah Joint School District, contact us for details.

See the links at left for more information on Rotary Youth Exchange.  Students interested in outbound exchange should review the information on the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange website and then contact the Rotary Club of Neenah's Youth Exchange Officer for more information.